The Pozole in my Pants

I plan on this blog being as regular as my period. Ella es la razon que I don’t wear white pants. She’s the reason all my pajamas bottoms are dappled by a pattern I call Menstrual Dalmation. My bedsheets share the same feminine Rorschach. So do every pair of my non-negro calzones. Órale.

Japan’s flag knows what I’m talkin’ about.



  1. Jajahajahajahajaha (Spainglish!

    I’m looking forward to each blog post! I can’t wait for our menses to coincide! I think it’s called symbiosis. Maybe after my visit with you and TJ!

    1. If our menses coincide, does that mean we’ll menopause at the the same time? Two periods ending at once.. Three periods ending at once … (3 little periods to the left)

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