Infiniteej And Beyond

Happy 41st birthday, Trina Jo, my white, white, white similarly sexed lover. I’m so glad you’re mom gave it up to your dad and made you. Here is a poem I wrote in your honor. If you cut and paste it, you can mix and match the adjectives and nouns and add your own to create infiniteejs.

20+ tjs

torrid jazzman

titanic joviality

topsy-turvy ju-ju

tasty joy

turkey jerky

talkative jelly

terrific juxtaposer

tempting junk

thoughtful jester

tireless jocularity

touching jibber-jabber

transgendered jiggles

trashy jam

triumphant jackalope

talented jungian

thrilling jackpot

therapeutic jaguar

tough julep

tantric jambalaya

thoughtful jellybean

t___________ j___________ (of your own…)



  1. A very thoughtful b-day tribute. My favorite is “tantric jambalaya.” It just suits TJ so well. Olen says “touchy jell-o”. I say “troublesome jicama”, sticking with a food theme. Love you similarly -gendered friends-o-mine!

    1. Aw, thank you, Thighs! I’m pretty proud of tantric jambalaya and I love troublesome jicama. Troublesome is the best way to describe it. Love you so much. Remember, sandbox love never dies.

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