Titular Only Has One Breast

As I am giddy from firing weapons, and still currently researching the complicated subject matter of my next blog post, I share only this minuscule excerpt from my lesbionic and experimental true crime novel-in-progress, Weary Weary. I choose this chunk because as this blog is titularly dedicated to the lesbrain, it honors my feminine ancestors’ taste in brains.

If you bring a big appetite, you can get the walk-in.


If Gabriel Garcia Márquez Became with John Steinbeck’s Child, They Would Argue Over Whether or Not To Name Their Baby A Thousand Years in Vacaville

My Mexican great grandma loved to chew tacos de sesos. She paid her taco man to swaddle bull brains in softer skull for her. He slid corpus callosum between tortillas. He invented corny cranium.

When hungry ladies slurp tacos de sesos, we digest bovine intelligence. We download vaca. Cattle brains are soft, grass-fed hard drives. Calf minds compute where blushing dandelions grow. They compute where oaks cast cool shade. Herbivorous software liquefied in Great grandma’s gastric juices. Moo-cho essmart food.


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