Ode to an Unsavory Lesbian

tatiana de la tierra, powerful jota, gracefully lumbering shaman, was one of the greatest sapphists who ever loved. She lived like nobody else and her essence is an inimitable light that in her death, will continue to glow and swell. Her impact on this earth is Willendorfian and she was una diosa, an overly ripe guayaba, and a writer whose art taught me bravery every time I had the privilege of experiencing it. She called me Lizard because she sweet-talked me into getting a tattoo of an ancient reptilian Colombian talisman on my chest and for that tattoo, I have suffered much. Metiches ask me, “How far down does that thing go?” and in the haughty puta spirit of tatiana de la tierra, I answer, “Pretty far down my shaft, but not quite to my balls.”

Lizard and Monkey.



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