Gurb v. Serb

This performance artist, who’s been making enigmatic artworks since one of her countrymen shot Franz Ferdinand in the schnitzel, inspired a tumblr called Marina Abramović Made me Cry.

Big deal.

You know who could fill a tumblr with tears?

While my eye herpe gently weeps…

My students.

Since I know I’m better at making people cry, I throw down the avant-garde gauntlet (which l plucked from a urinal covered in fur!) and invite Ms. Abramović to sit across from me, on the other side of my state-sponsored desk, gaze into my Mexican-Polish eyes for however long it takes, and see…who walks away…with the other’s…soul.

I would love to add hers to my collection.

The stakes are high, her jar is ready, and the link is here.

A member of my collection.



  1. This broad ain’t got nothin on you Rare! Those big beautiful peepers could kill a man with a mere glance by there sheer gorgeousness alone!
    Can’t wait for the Marina v Myriam Five Finger Fillet challenge.

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