You know what makes the Fates laugh?

Atropos to Clotho: You wanna hear something funny?
Clotho: Yeah.
Atropos: Guadalupe thinks she’s gonna graduate!
All three Fates: Ha, ha, ha…(and their laughter continues for eternity for they are immortal…)

September hopefulness.

So much hope is in my classroom’s air that I inhale it and become hopeful. I hope everyone will graduate this year. I hope nobody tries to staple me. I hope if I have to repo textbooks, kids turn them over peacefully because I will get down, not in the name of Allah, but in the name of a library. I hope I don’t have to participate in a funeral car wash to fundraise for a kid’s burial. I hope that when kids ask me if my tattoos are real and I tell them they’re birthmarks they don’t believe me. I hope I can be the kind of teacher that kids trust enough to ask for a tampon.

To further honor this spirit of hopefulness, I hope that my first attempt at a found poem is acceptable.

EXPLOSIVES AND A WELL MADE SANDWICH: A Found Poem Manipulating Approximately 30 High Schoolers Autobiographical Statements and Certain Lines I Asked Adrienne Rich and Gertrude Stein if I Could Borrow. They Said It Was Okay.

earrings are cool. that’s basically it. Well I hate science.

If you go through

there is always the risk:

I have really bad decision making skills.

I’M A HUMAN FEMALE…I just don’t want to be judged.

I could be loud.

My goal at the moment is graduating for my friend that passed away.

Basketball, the love of my life.

I’m hoping I graduate this year and get rid of school and go to college.

I know nothing of Italian.

Im also funny and lazy.

My favorite colors are red & green…christmas colors.

I have to learn alone. I get easily distracted.

I’m excited about this year.

I really hate math. I don’t like math. I love music. metal specifically.

Art is wonderfully wonderful

but much will blind you.

I am right-handed.


A little bit about me. I am known for my hair.

Nobody has to care.

I’ve slacked off and have dug a hole for me. I try to do as little work as possible. Not only do I want to make my parents proud, but I want to accomplish this for me.

Pretty much I am just like any other high school student.

I love Takis Fuego and Pepsi.

Ive gone to Phoenix .

I am having to do this, take the SAT in Oct.


letters are nice.

I have a kite and a dog.

Time is male.

I am very shy and I don’t really talk to anyone.

I have a scar for every sport Ive done.

I recognize: shit happens and life goes on, right?

I’m looking forward to meeting you.

You’re the only one I’ve told.



  1. ah, september hopefulness. nicely captured.

    when I worked with middle school kids, one of the girls once came to me for her mentrual-related needs. it was my proudest moment. more than once, I read or heard the words “you’re the only one I’ve told” and, usually, those were the saddest moments.

    1. Kelly, yes, such are the vicissitudes of public education. After 8 years of doing this, at first I give away the community tampons. After the first taste, I make the girls replenish the stock. That’s how I teach them about socialism.

  2. You are so amazing and inspiring. How lucky those students are to be educated by such a brilliant and fucking rad person! Great poem. You rock Harder than Pantera, Myriam Rare!

  3. I dig the sandwich line too but I love the ending the best. And by the way, you were comfortable enough to give me a tampon when you were at Poly, and well, I am male. My students still ask about that. Everyone says hi by the way.

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