Washington D&C

 I picked Mom up from a prune juice place: L-A-X.



She and TJ went to the hospital with me so that I could have my polyp aborted. My gay guyno slid her endoscope and weed wacker inside me and hacked my innocent Cheeto, and afterwards, Mom gave me a celebratory blue monkey and duck balloon!


Zzzzzz came over while TJ was cooking up a fitting post dilation and curettage meal: spaghetti and meatballs!


It was like being back in the OR!

Zzzzzz handed me a Viennese D&C gift: Freudian slips!


When you say one thing but mean your mutter!

My mutter has no uterus! She can no longer be hysterical!


I ran my hand over this sourdough, engaging in the spiritual practice of breiki, and merrily stuffed, we moved our three uterus party into the living room, where we discussed pantalones vs. putalones, our theologies of pants, and HGTV’s most pro-choice venture yet: Extreme Uterine Makeover!


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