Month: July 2013

George Zimmerman/Jorge Zimmerhombre

Before you decide to shun me like we’re Amish, or, worse yet, defriend me on Facebook, let me say that although the evidence points to George Zimmerman being a bleeding douche afroth with issues he is also…




He might act like the Minutemen but he would also get chased by them. Doesn’t he totally look like he’s waiting to get chosen outside of Home Depot in this picture?

I feel like I have to keep repeating the fact of Zimmerman’s ethnic complexity so that people will engage in public discourse about him and his role in the killing of Trayvon Martin differently.

See, this is what pisses me off about the public discourse: it’s stuck in 1955. It’s framed by polarity. A “white man” killed a “black boy.” That “white man” is using his “white” privilege in order to suckle the teat of institutional racism.  To me, it is an interesting day when a non-white man can reap the benefits of white privilege. Can such a thing happen? According to American public discourse, it can. Furthermore, according to this public discourse, it seems that Zimmerhombre has assimilated. Through his John Wayne style vigilanteism, he has assimilated into white culture and become a Saltine. Was it because he demonstrated Yankee machismo that he was then rewarded with conferred whiteness? Did his act of killing a black boy give him a race change? I don’t know, but these are questions my lesbrain asks and cogitates over.

My lesbrain is similar to Zimmerperson’s. It, too, descends from European and Latin American ancestors. Zimmercreature and I dangle from similar lineage, and our bodies communicate this ancestry through their skin and hair color and facial features. Last week, I was sitting at a campfire in a trailer park in Wisconsin when a blue-eyed man whose age I’ll peg somewhere around 75, slurred, all in one word, “Ilikeyourskintone.” He steered the slurversation towards my ethnicity, and I shared with him that I’m one quarter Polish and three quarters Mexican. The man slurgued, “Well,youlook99.9%Mexicantome!” I took some offense to this because I felt like he was TELLING ME WHO I WAS INSTEAD OF AFFIRMING THE KNOWLEDGE I HAD GIVEN HIM ABOUT MYSELF, AS IF PERHAPS I WAS FIBBING, OR, BETTER YET, ETHNICALLY CONFUSED. This has happened to me as long as there’s been a cognizant me. People have been wondering “what” am I and am quick to tell me “what” I am if “what” I look like disagrees with their version of “what” I should look like according to their stereotypes, i.e, “You don’t look Mexican,” or my favorite, which was told to my mother, “You’re Mexican? But you’re so beautiful!”

I asked the drinker who deemed me 99.9% Mexican-looking what his ethnic background was.

“HungarianandMongolian,” he supplied. He was 100% drunk.

Rather than engage in an intellectual contest of the minds with this inebriated Hun, I decided to make him into his better ethnic half’s barbecue and shoved him into the campfire. Just kidding. I ignored him and focused on a several-weeks-old half white, half black baby being held by her white grandma. They sat across the campfire from me, orange flames separating us, gnats eating me. How will this baby’s ethnicity be described? As Obamic? She does have his same ethnic swirl…Maybe, in the future, people who are half white and half Kenyan will be described as Presidential.

Anyways, what I’m trying to belch out is that I wonder if George Zimmerman has travelled through life with people telling him “what” he is. I wonder if people have challenged him about “what” he is. I wonder how he’s dealt with different groups that he doesn’t entirely fit in with “claiming” him. The fucker does have an extremely interesting background. On his dad’s side, German. On his mom’s side, Afr0-Peruvian, meaning that he’s BLACK and SPANISH and probably INDIAN, maybe even INCAN! Whoa…Incan DNA potentially had a hand in the killing of Trayvon Martin…doesn’t that edge make the case that much more problematic? Isn’t it interesting that a mixed race guy I think might often experience rejection because of his face is finally being treated like a white dude? I wonder if sadly, he finds this gratifying. Did it take his killing of a black kid to achieve this level of American respect? IDK but uno thing’s for sure: we need a new language to fully discuss the chocolate rainbow of racial reality. I add to this lexicon and a new nombre for Zimmerhombre. He’s no cracker; he’s Triscuit. And he committed a Triscuit on Black crime.


Watch Roberto Zimmerhombre answer, “TRISCUIT!” when Bill Maher asks him, “What the fuck are you?”