Ode On A Grecian Burn

Mom being sick has made me think about how I’m a magical atheist and how if I did pray, I’d pray to a vaginal deity, not a penile one. I’d pray to a goddess. A Guaddess.


Me in my room with a goddess Mom bought me a long ass time ago, in Mexico.

I like to think of the goddesses of underappreciated things and undercelebrated character traits, like the goddess of chip clips and the goddess of introversion. With this in mind, yesterday, I took some selfies honoring the goddess of fake fruits. I think of her as Greecy.





Maybe next I’ll do a little series honoring the goddess of alternatives to mops, i.e. Swiffers.

Mom being sick also makes me think of how Abuelita died a year ago and it sucks that on the anniversary of my grandmother’s death, my mother has to be sick. I know that Mom’s thinking about this, too.

On Liz Dosta’s Tumblr, The Female Selfie, Liz posted a selfie I took of myself one year ago. In this selfie, I’m in my grandmother’s bed. I shot this photo on the day of Abuelita’s funeral. Liz posted another selfie I took of Abuelita in her coffin, my hand caressing the glass that separates us. Interspersed among these funerary photos are photos of women in red dresses and women at the beach and women eating salads and I like the extreme variety of womanhood presented on this Tumblr, from so alive that the woman is silly enough to pretend to poke a fork in her eye to so very no longer alive that the woman is dead. That’s the true spectrum of womanhood, from A to Death.



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