Month: April 2014

Hooked On Sapphonics

Did you know that this is National Poetry Moth?

Its a lot funner if you leave out the n.



I hate moths. They have dandruff. National Poetry Moth has dandruff that flakes off in crustaceous similes that figuratively litter the landscape litterally.

Its important to be in touch with the idea that poetry is lurking around every dirty corner. Its lurking around the corner of the wall my little brother smashed his forehead into on Friday the 13th when we were petite and prepubey. Its lurking around the corner of your refrigerator door handle and waiting for you in the crisper full of bacteria and parsley. Its lurking around the corner of your trashcans and in the little pathway that leads to your pseudobackyard where a questionable cat hangs out on patio furniture that needs to be wiped with Windex. This cat has a view into your bedroom and is waiting for you to take off your yoga pants.

Mostly, poetry lurks inside of a box of Cards AGainst Humanity. Cards Against Humanity is like magnetic poetry but better because its evil and proud of it. the other day, some homeslices of ours came over to eat Cornish game hens and play games and we concocted some verse to honor this month. Here’s my cuntribution:

Harry Potter erotica

flightless birds

being marginalized

Now go find that poetry that I know exists in your slippery ear canal and/or the crawl space in your head.